Youth Development

Youth Development: Creating the athlete of tomorrow.

Youth development is a field that from our experience is very underutilised, under appreciated and a lot of the time not even a thought when it comes to Strength and Conditioning (S&C) in young people.

This is something ETA is very passionate about and so we aim to spread a light on how important developing our athletes of tomorrow is.

Nothing highlights this more than a recent study published by the Royal Society of Medicine – They found that almost 50% of all sports related injuries which resulted in a visit to A&E were in children and adolescents*.

This is why we have developed a programme to tackle a clear issue. We recognise the need to create, develop and build a certain level of robustness in all of our youth. Especially those that have aspirations on moving in to more competitive and intense sporting environments, we aim to make sure that they are in the best position possible to succeed… by providing various modes of strength, stability and longevity.

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