Meet The Team

My name is Daniel Blair and I am from Nottingham, I am the founder of the EVOLVE Training Academy.
I am a qualified Trainer of 4 years and I am also an accredited Strength and Conditioning (S&C) Coach, in the fields of Performance Enhancement and Corrective Exercise.
My Journey
My background is in football, having spent my teenage years playing for the academy and reserve teams at Nottingham Forest FC. Following that experience I spent the most part of my 20’s playing local semi-professional football for clubs such as, Carlton Town, Hednesford Town, Grantham Town, Gresley Rovers and Hucknall Town to name a few.
During all of my footballing years I was prone to injury, which as a result would affect my performance on the pitch. I’d spend pre season getting myself in shape to be injured just as the season starts, losing that fitness and having to start all over again. This happened year upon year.
In 2014 I suffered an injury which ended up cutting my playing career short. During pre-season I ruptured my Achilles Tendon. In the months that followed the idea of the EVOLVE Training Academy was born. My aim is to help people become better, more robust and more effective athletes. Whether, you are currently an athlete, want to be athlete or want to train like athlete, ETA was created for you.
It is important to me that honesty, transparency, hard work and doing things the right way are the values that encompass the Academy.
Who am I away from S&C
I am a man who loves the spontaneous and simple things in life… Family, friends, watching movies, playing games, belly laughing, falafels, being a geek and random road trips do it for me. You know… The usual stuff.
Something Personal About Me:
I am also a Latin Dancer who loves to Travel when I can.
I love a wide variety of music from Jazz, to Neo Soul, to Frank Sinatra, Reggae, Bachata and Reggaeton. It really does depend what mood I’m in. I’m the guy in the supermarket with headphones on, dancing down the aisles for sure.

My name is Joel (Benjamin) Webb, I am originally from the North West of England, but I have spent the last few years in Nottingham, studying at Nottingham Trent University. I have spent these years studying Sports and Exercise Science – Which I have recently completed, finishing with 1st Class Honours.
During my time at Nottingham Trent University I completed my National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Performance Enhancement, Corrective Exercise and Strength and Conditioning (S&C) accreditation.
My views on S&C are that I believe that all exercise must be technically sound before it is progressed with weight or load. I believe this is the safest way to approach physical training and promoting longevity. My S&C specialism is in Sprint Technique and Corrective Exercise
My main accomplishment to date is completing my degree and drumming at functions and gigs.
I strongly believe that having the right attitude and perseverance are key traits to developing a resilient mindset and a great athlete.
Away from S&C I am a keen drummer for both a band and my church. I have represented GB for the University European games in Table Tennis.
Something Personal About Me:
I love ALL carbs! Pasta, Bread, Rice, Sweet Potato… No discrimination over here!

My name is Adrian Jackson and I am from the North West of England.

I am currently studying in final year at Nottingham Trent University on Sport & Exercise Science course, after completing a year-long placement with the academy at Nottingham Forest F.C

I am a Strength & Conditioning (S&C) Coach. I believe this profession is a way to explore and progress myself in practical and applied knowledge, in helping progress myself and others who I work with and to help clients progress in improving their lives or progressing to a future goal. My S&C specialism is in Youth Development, Growth and Maturation.

My biggest accomplishment to date is achieving my year-long placement with a professional football club and gaining invaluable knowledge and experience. And also having the opportunity with EVOLVE to spread my knowledge and expertise outside of the academy setting.

My values as a S&C coach are to be knowledgeable, learning, progressing and adaptable so I can give the best help in improving and progressing people in their career or their life.

I’m a super fun and sporty guy who loves many sports e.g. Basketball, Football, Cricket, American Football and Track & Field Athletic events. My mum has been my biggest influence into loving and playing sports. However, I’m a lover of a lot of music and use to play Baritone. One fun fact about me is that I play acoustic guitar sometimes, I am also a Big Foals and 21 Pilots fan!

Why did I want to do Sport Science and S&C…? I fell in love with sports from an early age but never really found a passion or a career path until I started my A-Levels which I did Biology and PE. This spiked my interest in how the body can be strengthened and adapted to become resilient and be pushed to its limits or above. So, I combined both my passion of sport and science together.

Something Personal About Me:
I got dressed up by my older cousins into a Cinderella dress when I was younger… I’m still haunted to this day. However, that experience made me understand that dresses were not for me.