Bridging the Gap Between People & Performance

Advocate Team We have the perfect service for you, if: You want to improve your athletic performance You want to train like an athlete You want to reduce your risk of injury You want to be exposed to advanced methods of training You want to increase your longevity If any of the above apply to you, don’t waste any more time.
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Advocate Team EVOLVE Principle 1: Why should you feel that your
health, fitness and essentially the
quality of your life be an "expense"
to you? Therefore, we aim to make
sure that you get great value
regardless of your investment
amount. As far as clichés go…

The best investment you will ever
make is in YOU!
EVOLVE Principle 2: This is our overarching principle -
We are an organisation that wants
you to know what it feels like to
set a goal, set out the steps and
then go on, having full the
confidence to achieve it!
EVOLVE Principle 3: Our programs and resource
materials have been designed
meticulously - Giving you the
detail you need to understand the
what, the how and the why of your
training. Having this
knowledge will allow you
to train to your optimal potential,
resulting in your personal success.
We do everything we can to
set you up for success
YOU are at the centre of
everything we do
We strive to provide unrivalled

Our Ethos

New training methods, FADs and regimes will always be present in the fitness industry, especially as trainers continue to be more creative. That’s just a way of life! However, no matter how good any new training method is, the one thing that will always remain constant and is of the utmost importance is… Proper human movement.

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Have a Consultation on Us!

Before you invest in any type of Coach, Trainer or Programme, it is vital that you understand exactly what it is you are investing your time, energy and money in to. This is the purpose of a consultation. This session allows you and the coach to not only identify, define, agree your goals and how you plan to reach them; but it also gives you an opportunity to take a close look at who and what you are exactly about to invest in.

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