Personal Coaching

S&C Coaching: We don’t microwave – We bake… Trust the process!

Is your goal to become stronger, more durable, more powerful and more efficient?

If you answered YES to any of the above, no matter what sport you play or even if you don’t play a sport, the ETA training model will allow you to simultaneously become more explosive and dynamic whilst reducing the risk of unwanted injury. As the saying goes, your best ability is your availability. This is achieved through observing the functional needs of the athlete, understanding the weaknesses and addressing unwanted movement patterns. This allows us to develop a truly unique service for you the athlete, as your programme design is a direct result of our analysis of you during the assessment procedure. This allows us to understand how we can best utilise a variety of training methodologies to achieve the desired outcome.

The primary goal of ETA is to get you firing on all cylinders, not to get you looking better in the mirror. However, with the way in which we approach our coaching you can be sure that looking good will be a by-product of the way you will be training.

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